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  • Noise
    Image thanks to Alcoa of Australia

    Our Noise group specialise in providing a wide range of environmental and occupational noise solutions focused on improving the health, safety and environmental performance of your operations.

    Our expertise includes:

  • Integrity Engineering
    Image thanks to Woodside Energy Ltd.

    Our Integrity Engineering group are experts in resolving the causes and effects of vibration and are focused on helping you solve the toughest technical design and operational challenges.

    Our expertise includes:

  • Reliability Engineering

    Our Reliability Engineering group are experts in troubleshooting problems with rotating and reciprocating equipment and using their experience to proactively improve the reliability of critical assets.

    Our team's knowledge comes from both theory and practice. Our skilled technicians, PhDs and professional engineers know what works infield, why it works and how to translate that into business language.

    We enjoy solving problems and thrive on a challenge. We are "hands-on" engineers so when you are in the heat, dust and grease - and in trouble - we are there with you.

    Our expertise includes:

  • Training
  • Corrosion and Materials
    Image thanks to Rio Tinto

    Our Corrosion and Materials group focus on the integrity of new and existing structures to mitigate the impacts of corrosion and materials failure.

    Our expertise includes: cathodic protection; soil corrosiveness; induced voltage; material integrity, abrasion and wear; strain gauging; mechanical testing; and both thermal and mechanical fatigue assessment.

  • Pressure
    Image thanks to Alcoa of Australia

    SVT's pressure equipment team specialises in the design, design verification and inspection of industrial pressure equipment. Working primarily in the resources and utilities sectors in Australia, we help our clients maintain the integrity of their boilers, storage tanks, piping systems, heat exchangers and more.

    In 2011, SVT acquired K.J. Beer Consulting Engineers, adding pressure to its existing capabilities in noise, vibration and corrosion.