Queensland regulator releases inaugural noise guidance note

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The Queensland Department of Natural Resources and Mining has released a new guidance note on noise management that aims to provide greater clarity on what mine operators must do to comply with safety acts.

QGN 22: “Guidance Note for Management of Noise in Mines” sets out a risk management framework with the goal of reducing noise exposure to as low as reasonably achievable. 

The document, published at the end of August 2014, outlines how a risk based approach can be employed by mine operators in Queensland to manage occupational noise.

The guidance note, the first of its kind in Queensland, was developed and agreed jointly by government, industry and trade union representatives.

The note builds on existing regulations, explaining how to approach, determine, analyse and monitor noise exposure risk. It emphasises the need to manage risk using a noise management plan as part of the mine’s health and safety management system.  

“For a risk to a person to be at an acceptable level, operations at a mine must be carried out so that the level of risk from the operation is not only within acceptable limits but also as low as reasonably achievable,” the document says.

SVT is experienced in helping production facilities work towards compliance and to demonstrate to regulators that the noise exposure of their employees is as low as reasonably achievable.

Richard Pamley is a principal noise consultant with SVT Engineering Consultants.