Machine Performance Analysis (Thermodynamics)

Leading organisations have realised that vibration monitoring and oil analysis only give part of the performance "picture" and that effective monitoring of machinery performance is a critical step to minimising your carbon footprint.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Decreasing production output
  • Increasing energy consumption
  • Poor machine performance
  • Need to measure shaft power
  • Requirement to conduct NFPA fire pump testing
  • Power loss/efficiency degradation of gas and steam turbines
  • Need to better manage fouling/washing frequency of gas turbines

Our Expertise

Using the knowledge gained from over 15 years in the field - measuring, monitoring, and diagnosing machine performance - we have developed an extensive library of historical data and analysis. This facilitates our ability to review your equipment's performance accurately and effectively - often with your existing instrumentation.

We know what tolerances are required for instrument accuracy, how to standardise data so you compare "apples with apples", and which component failures will lead to degraded performance.

As problems get tougher we can apply thermodynamic and thermofluid 1st principles to better understand the performance of your critical compressors, gas turbines, pumps, heat exchangers and supporting equipment.

Typical analysis tasks include:

• Modelling for gas and steam turbines, compressors and expanders
• Commissioning tests according to ASME PTC's for gas and steam turbines and compressors
• Calculation of air mass flow for gas turbines
• Calculation of firing temperature for gas turbines
• Evaluation of stall and surge in centrifugal and axial compressors

From simple pumps to DLN gas turbines we have the experience to help you.