Reliability in a strict engineering sense refers to the probability that equipment, machinery or systems will perform their required functions satisfactorily under specific conditions, within a certain time period.

Practically, it means doing maintenance when necessary and keeping your operation/plant at maximum availability.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Poor plant availability
  • Need to increase reliability
  • Audit required of current plant
  • Unexplained machinery failure
  • Repeated machinery failure
  • Ineffective maintenance regime

Our Expertise

SVT knowledge has been built over time by continually searching for a better way. We have found you cannot have an effective condition based maintenance program without having a solid reliability strategy and vice versa.

Maintenance practices, production demands and reliability programs are interlinked and we have found a continuous improvement link exists between them.

Typically we assist with:
• Developing maintenance strategies (CBM, time based, run to fail)
• Failure mode effects and criticality analysis (FMECA)
• Root cause analysis (RCA)
• RCM - Weibull analysis
• Integrated Reliability Management System (IRMS) - our own library of FMEA