Pulsation Analysis and Control

Flow lines can be subject to fluctuating loads from pressure pulsations, turbulence and equipment vibration.

These loads have the potential to cause vibration-induced fatigue failure within the flow lines as well as, more commonly, within small bore fittings.

Design optimisation of compressor and/or pump systems strives to eliminate adverse flow conditions and minimise the natural response of pipework to the excitation forces present.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Commissioning against API618 for Reciprocating Compressors
  • Commissioning against API674 for Reciprocating Pumps
  • Acoustic resonance vibration problems in bottles and piping
  • Structural resonance problems
  • Pulsation shaking
  • Forced structural response analysis of piping vibration and dynamic stress
  • Cavitation inside pumping chambers

Our Expertise

SVT's capabilities cover: acoustic simulation and piping mechanical dynamic analysis studies to API618 Reciprocating Compressors) and API674 (Reciprocating Pumps), field pulsation and vibration commissioning testing; and investigations of compressor and piping vibration problems.

In the case of reciprocating pumps, particular attention is paid to the potential for cavitation inside the pumping chamber using time-domain analysis techniques.

SVT also undertakes solid finite element modelling and fatigue analysis studies of pumping chamber dynamic stresses for investigation and resolution of crack type failures. SVT is supported by experts in fracture mechanics and metallurgy to assist in failure investigations and to provide recommendations for materials selection and casting methodology.