Machine Troubleshooting

Things don't always run smoothly. And by definition problems always occur at the wrong time.

When you have issues such as high vibration, noise and degraded performance - you need practical advice to mitigate risks.

Our track record is not to leave you with a report but a machine returned to normal service.

Typical problem areas

  • Machine vibration
  • Excessive noise
  • Repeated failures of bearings/couplings/other components
  • Poor or decreasing performance
  • Machine support structure cracking
  • Resonance issues
  • Design improvements

Our Expertise

SVT has a highly competent field team in a "high readiness" state ready to respond to things that go bump in the night.

We enjoy solving problems and thrive on challenges like:
• In-situ balancing and laser alignment
• Thermal growth and laser measurement of structural deflections
• Torsional vibration measurement
• Machine commissioning, axial position trip point setting, surge testing, post overhaul baselines and fit for service analysis
• Turbo machinery fault diagnosis
• Identification of high noise and/or vibration levels on machines, pipes and structures
• Operating deflection shape (ODS) studies (see an example)