Underwater Noise

Offshore facilities, ports, exploration drilling and pipeline construction can all result in underwater noise generation and propagation.

This can impact sensitive marine life resulting in behavioural effects, hearing damage, injury and even death.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Obtaining environmental approvals for new proposals where noise impacts on marine life is relevant
  • Limited knowledge of underwater effects and lack of prescriptive legislation makes assessment difficult
  • Limited understanding of hearing mechanisms and sensitivities of different species
  • Need to mitigate underwater noise from construction activities - e.g. piling and dredging
  • Excessive operational noise from sub-sea equipment
  • Need to understand impacts of shipping operations

Our Expertise

  • Underwater noise measurements to determine source emission levels and quantify ambient noise levels
  • Noise modelling to assess underwater sound propagation and establish risk of adverse noise impacts
  • Environmental impact assessments for new proposals
  • Abreast of latest research in noise effects on marine life
  • Training in underwater noise