Structural Dynamics Troubleshooting

Mechanical, flow and acoustic excitation sources can all lead to structural vibration issues.

The analysis of structural vibration can relate to the need to eliminate the possibility of vibration-induced fatigue failure or the elimination of human body vibration for users and operators.

To resolve an issue of either type requires a clear understanding of the excitation sources and the natural response of the structure in question, together with a wealth of experience to develop practical solutions.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Coincident structural and acoustic resonance of a piping system
  • Coincident excitation of heat exchanger tubes
  • Control room and office vibration due to vibrating screens
  • Piping fatigue failures
  • Impeller resonant excitation in a pump or blower
  • Torsional resonance at shaft running speed

Our Expertise

Our understanding of structural dynamics, pulsation, acoustics/flow induced vibration and fatigue allows us to correctly measure and analyse dynamic stress, evaluate component reliability and fatigue life and ultimately reduce or eliminate the risk of component failure.

Our solutions include design and oversight of structural modification, damping installation, or reduction of excitation sources.

Structural dynamics tools we use include:

  • Operating deflection shape measurements
  • Modal analysis
  • Variable frequency excitation and response testing
  • Impact testing
  • Finite element modelling
  • Dynamic stress analysis
  • Pressure pulsation testing