Predictive Maintenance

Over 80% of your equipment failures are random in nature, not related to running time, and traditional time based maintenance practices fall short when it comes to maximising plant availability and minimising maintenance costs.

Best practice is to use predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques to monitor your equipment, identify developing faults early and accurately predict the time-to-failure (PF curve) so that maintenance is performed at the optimum time.

The ultimate goal of PdM is to perform maintenance at a scheduled point in time, when the maintenance activity is most cost effective and before the equipment loses optimum performance.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Need to improve plant reliability and reduce equipment down time/unavailability/unscheduled maintenance
  • Need to ensure statutory compliance - e.g. equipment not exceeding recommended levels
  • Need to review the effectiveness of your existing maintenance program
  • Lack of skills/resources to proactively manage predictive maintenance programs
  • Expertise required for scope, design, and commission support for new online condition monitoring systems

Our Expertise

SVT has highly skilled people experienced in oil and gas, minerals handling and processing plants. Through our hands-on experience and technical understanding of causes and effects of faults we have developed a deep practical understanding of machines.

SVT are not simply experts in vibration or oil based condition monitoring techniques. We have extensive experience in the application of a much broader suite of tools. This ensures that the most efficient and properly targeted approach is used to assess and predict failure.

Skill sets and tools:
• Vibration monitoring and analysis (online and offline/periodic)
• Lubricant analysis
• Thermography
• Process and machine performance monitoring
• Acoustic emissions
• Engineering design and site support for online condition monitoring systems