Rotor Dynamics

In the design of new items of rotating equipment, a lateral and torsional mechanical analysis is required.

For existing plant, design changes such as re-wheeling centrifugal compressors, stage removal in axial compressors, or various up-rates to reciprocating compressors will necessitate a new lateral and torsional mechanical analysis.

Typical Problem Areas

  • Verification of design compliance with codes
  • Torsional resonance
  • Acceptance testing/verification
  • De-bottlenecking required
  • Shop test vibration acquisition and analysis
  • Verfication of models by an independent (non-vendor)
  • Vendors require additional highly specialised resources for projects

Our Expertise

SVT has undertaken scores of API618 reciprocating mechanical analysis designs. We have a highly skilled team of FEA application engineers and PhD level engineers with expertise in torsional problems. We have powerful data collection tools for model verification.

Using our knowledge and advanced tools we can perform the following services for you:
• Lateral and torsional critical analysis
• API618 reciprocating compressor mechanical analysis
• API680 lateral analysis
• Torsional analysis for reciprocating compressors and ball/SAG mills
• Rotor mode shapes and deflections
• Shaft/rotor stress analysis post material removal for creep testing or simple modification
• Run up, coast down, bode and orbit plot data collection and analysis