1st Principles

All models have limitations.

Our fundamental understanding of how things work in the real world helps us to qualify and shape solutions for you sooner and with greater confidence.

"Ab initio"
  • We understand the hydrodynamics of rolling element bearings
  • We can discern when a liquid changes to a gas...and therefore when a models validity fails or decreases
  • We understand why a signal may be lost or corrupted due to circuit configuration and components
  • We can use thermodynamic 1st principles of heat (energy) balance to predict the firing temperature of a gas turbine
  • We know how to predict stoichiometric airflow through a gas turbine - to predict carbon emissions
  • We can determine the polytropic head (energy delivered to a working fluid) for a compressor
  • We know why you would use a Butterworth filter
  • We can build a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) from the ground up


Our knowledge of the physics behind the engineering allows us to work at the edges of design and extend performance whilst maintaining safety, reliability and integrity.