Ball mill productivity improved

Ball mill productivity improved 

by on-line monitoring system.

Client: Large gold producer, Australia.

Tough Problem: As pressures grew to increase productivity in the gold industry it became apparent that higher quality information was required to better understand the processes and reliability surrounding critical mining equipment such as Ball Mills.

Practical Solution: SVT implemented a on-line monitoring system to monitor the rotating equipment (vibration, temperature, etc.) and integrated this with an online acoustic monitoring system.

This innovative approach enabled the mine to monitor not only the condition of the equipment, but also to monitor the effect of changes in the process due to changes in the feed stock into the mill.

Information provided by the system helped to resolve what had been a traditional bottleneck in production (due to blockages in cyclones), resulting in a marked improvement in the throughput of the mill.

Bottom Line: On-line monitoring system enabled the mine operators to increase the equipment reliability and mill production.