Structural fatigue at mine mitigated

Structural fatigue at mine mitigated

maintaining integrity and safety.

Client: Zinc miner

Tough Problem: A building at a zinc mine housing three large vibrating screens was designed considering only static loads, i.e. weight. Due to high-dynamic loads caused by the heavy screening machines, there was a risk of fatigue failure of the building’s structural members which could lead to plant shutdowns.

Practical Solution: SVT was commissioned to analyse the vibration levels of the design and to mitigate the risk of fatigue failures.

We performed a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to reduce predicted vibration levels in the building’s main structural members caused by the three large vibrating screens. 
SVT recommended strategically placed structural reinforcements, which were effective.
The bottom line: Fatigue risks were reduced to provide a longer building life, improved safety for workers and to avoid costly repairs during commissioning and operation.