Noise Modelling Ensures Continuous Protection

Noise Modelling Ensures Continuous Protection



Tough problem:

A major alumina mine could not conduct continuous night-time operations as they were exceeding assigned noise limits at sensitive receptors, resulting in millions of dollars’ worth of lost production.

Practical Solution:

SVT mobilised to site to characterise the sound power level of the mine. The data obtained on site was used to develop a dedicated noise prediction model.

SVT provided training to equip mine planners with the skills and knowledge required to use the model as part of the daily mining plan in order to minimise the risk of noise levels being exceeded at night.

SVT also provided training in the measurement of environmental noise as it was noted that measurement errors were resulting in false exceedances.

The Bottom Line:

The client could incorporate noise in the daily mining plan, and predict noise levels based on weather forecasts. Since the implementation of the modelling and training, mining operations have not ceased at night.