Haul Truck Operator Noise Reductions

Haul Truck Operator Noise Reductions



Tough problem:

 A client’s Noise Reduction Strategy (NRS) mandates a reduction in the number of employees with average daily noise exposure greater than 85 dB(A). Haul truck operators from three of their coal mines are consistently above this level.

Practical Solution:

Noise monitoring identified the noise sources operators were exposed to during a typical shift.

We were able to identify the impact of different truck operating conditions, ancillary equipment usage, operator behaviour and mine specific operations. Modelling of these exposures enabled us to  predict the daily exposure, validate dosimetry data and estimate the potential reductions of each noise control option.

We conducted an ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) workshop to rank the options and develop a management plan.

The Bottom Line:

A structured noise management plan with practicable solutions such as glazing upgrades, active noise control and vibration damping was developed.