Integrated reliability approach

Integrated reliability approach

reduces risks of running unspared unit supporting gas train.

Client: Global energy company. Offshore gas recycling project.

Tough Problem: While Original Equipment Manufacturers safety systems did not report any issues, the client's real-time condition monitoring system (designed and implemented by SVT) detected a sudden increase in compressor bearing temperatures in an unspared unit supporting gas train. Potential business exposure - daily production losses of A$2m.

Practical Solution: Two years prior to the event detailed criticality and failure mode/effect analysis (captured using SVT's Integrated Reliability Management System) highlighted critical monitoring requirements.

SVT reliability specialists used the system to detect sub-synchronous and broadband vibration, erratic dual time (orbit) function which led to the identification of a failed lube oil transmitter.

The failed transmitter was replaced and the unit brought back online within 24hrs - the significant risks of restarting a damaged compressor obviously mitigated by the early detection.

Bottom Line: Business risks of running unspared unit managed with integrated online reliability and remote diagnostics.