Real-time safety monitoring

Real-time safety monitoring

Helped client secure billion-dollar gas contract.

Client: Major LNG producer, 6-train gas plant

Tough Problem: The client's ageing system required new monitoring equipment to meet stringent reliability requirements of a major new gas supply contract.

Practical Solution: SVT worked very closely with the supplier of a state-of-the-art safety monitoring system to hurdle problems associated with the leading edge technology.

The customised solution delivered full integration to plant DCS to provide detailed real-time monitoring of vibration and temperature across a broad range of suppliers and equipment (eg. six gas turbines, four plant instrument air compressors, two turbo expanders, two fractionation and one boil-off gas compressors).

Bottom Line: SVT's client won the contract. All safety and reliability objectives were exceeded. SVT's solution will be replicated for the client's next major gas plant, which is currently under construction.