Remote facility reliability issues

Remote facility reliability issues

Reliability ensured with sustainable long-term solution.

Client: A global energy company with a new offshore facility in a remote location.

Tough Problem: A newly commissioned facility was having problems with the reliability of critical production equipment. This was compounded by the remote location of the facility.

Practical Solution: SVT undertook an initial site visit and failure analysis of critical equipment to identify solutions quickly and to assist in sustainable support to the asset.

Initial efforts focussed on working with the equipment vendor to troubleshoot reliability issues in the client's operating environment.

The second phase of the engagement focussed on the design, installation and commissioning of a real-time monitoring system with remote access capabilities to provide maintenance personnel with predictive tools. New technology and methods were embedded with local support personnel through customised training developed and delivered by SVT Training.

Bottom Line: The plant operates within expected operating parameters with operators and maintenance personnel engaged in the process.