Non-Intrusive Inspection reduces client cost significantly

Non-Intrusive Inspection reduces client cost significantly

client costs reduced ten-fold for inspection.

Client: FPSO in Australian waters

Tough Problem: A client needed to internally inspect more than 100 vessels and determine whether they complied with integrity standards whilst working to manpower, budget and production constraints.

Practical Solution: SVT conducted high-level Non-Intrusive Inspection (NII) applicability screening based on existing RBI assessments and two industry adopted methodologies, after which a comparison of outcomes was provided.

SVT then developed inspection work scope documents for the applicable vessels. Exact inspection zones, coverage requirements and applicable NDE techniques were included in the work scopes based. Remote Video (boroscope) Inspections were recommended for sections of vessels where full NII was not possible.

The bottom line: NII could be performed without equipment shutdown, production loss, hazardous man entry and additional integrity threats.

By replacing man access inspections with NII where applicable, the client could expect savings of around tenfold based on the cost to open the vessel and production losses.