Platform fatigue failure risk identified

Platform fatigue failure risk identified

allowing client to take action and maintain integrity.

Client: Oil and gas operator

Tough Problem: Following the connection of a client’s offshore platforms via a bridge occupants felt platform movement with more pronounced motion in adverse weather conditions due to high winds and waves.

Practical Solution: SVT was commissioned by the client to perform platform motion measurements. Six sets of measurements were performed with eight simultaneous readings being taken across the two platforms. 

SVT’s analysis of the frequency spectrums and time waveforms led to the conclusion that fatigue failure of the structure was a possibility if left unchecked.
The recommendation to the client was to discern the dynamic stresses induced by using FEA models of the bridge and platforms. This would in turn be compared with a suitable dynamic stress limit to determine the long term integrity of the structure.
The bottom line: Following SVT’s input, the client was able to identify the structural integrity of the platform and take action accordingly to ensure its longevity.