Lagging Reduces Tonality by 34dB

Lagging Reduces Tonality by 34dB



Tough problem:

Tonal noise coming from multiple compressor stations was causing internal noise levels in accommodation and control room units to be high - exceeding of noise limits. The noise was tonal in the high frequencies which was distracting and caused some workers sleeplessness.

Practical Solution:

SVT measured/logged internal and external noise levels at selected compressor stations to identify frequency bands before taking sound intensity measurements to identify the exact noise breakout. SVT recommended lagging the air inlet to unhoused compressor units and installing bigger silencers on Gas Engine Alternators (GEAs)..

The Bottom Line:

The client installed lagging on the dominant compressor unit  and tonality was eliminated (reduced by up to 34dB in the “dongas”). 
Overall levels were reduced by up to 8dB in the accommodation