Structure-borne Noise on Ship Identified

Structure-borne Noise on Ship Identified



Tough problem:

Bow thruster operations were causing noise levels in a ship’s accommodation areas to exceed the limits set forward by the International Maritime Organisation. Our client needed to know why this occurred and how this could be best resolved.

Practical Solution:

SVT undertook an investigation of noise levels in the accommodation during different operational conditions.

Analysis indicated that the noise was likely to be generated by pressure waves in the bow thruster tunnel caused by a combination of blade pass and cavitation.

The tunnel was not isolated from the ship structure and this vibrational excitation of the tunnel resulted in a structure-borne propagation through the vessel and into the cabins, resulting in high noise levels.

The Bottom Line:

By providing short and long term solutions, the client will be able to work towards compliance with any disruption to the vessel’s operations being managed as part of planned maintenance.