Strategic Exposure Elimination & Reduction

What is SEER?

SEER stands for Strategic Exposure Elimination & Reduction and is SVT’s methodology for ensuring that your workforce is exposed to as little noise-related risk as possible.

SVT's SEER philosophy for noise control is elegantly simple:

Target the right people
This is a strategic decision which accounts for the level of risk; corporate policies, standards and goals; and legal duty of care.

Identify the right noise sources
The simple fact is that noise sources that contribute most to daily exposure must be addressed first.

Select practical noise controls
Key stakeholders such as operators and maintainers, must be involved in selection of noise controls to ensure that they are practical.

Eliminate or reduce exposure
The effectiveness of the selected controls must be demonstrated by evaluating the expected reduction in daily exposure for the targeted people.

To find out how we use SEER in noise control planning: see our brochure.